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/ Our Corporate ski/treats are the perfect getaways for the management and/or staff / a great chance for bonding and corporate planning in the most luxury, beautiful, relaxing and quality settings of the European Alps /

/ for our part, we focus on team building through physical yoga and skiing activities and trust exercises like sharing rounds and guided meditations / In addition to boosting employee morale, we offer the healthiest and most nutritious plant-based cuisine from our private chef chez Lenard/ 

Our ski/treats are a great opportunity for all attendees to reaffirm company values ​​and speak more openly about long-term goals / When company members are in a relaxed but stimulating environment, it encourages creative thinking to make valuable contributions / A change of perspective often is enough to give space to focus and revitalize one's personality and to give inspiration to develop new goals and visions / Days that increase well-being, improve concentration, train perception and increase satisfaction of all participants /


prioritizing the mental health of your employees through our ski/retreat is a real contribution to company goals and energy expansion / withdraw from the familiar in order to get more contact with yourself on all levels and - quite incidentally - to discover access to hidden potentials and energy reserves in body, soul and spirit through stimulating contrasts / this is about the balance between tension and relaxation, speed ​​and slowness, stimulating conversations and clarifying silence - both physically and mentally /


 /21.01.24 31.01.24 
 /MAX 14 PAX 


 /25.02.24 /05.03.24 
 /MAX 15 PAX 


 /10.03.24 /20.03.24 
 /MAX 16 PAX 

/ To further enrich your corporate retreat, we offer cooperations with professional coaches on all levels to provide the right coaching format tailored to your personal needs like:

/ Stress management training to promote individual stress management skills /

/ Mindfulness training to promote concentration in order to focus on what is happening in the present /

/ time management training to set the right priorities and lead projects to success /

/ Burnout prevention to strengthen resilience in order to achieve personal goals /

/ Communication training for a positive and appreciative interaction with customers, partners and employees /

/ Rhetoric training to successfully inspire, motivate and convince as an entrepreneur, manager or salesperson /

/ Impact and body language for your honest, authentic and confident (self) presentation /

/ Goal and vision development for the realization and implementation of new ideas of your corporate development /

/ Women empowerment workshop to help women gain confidence, practice self-care, and support each other /

/ new work the structural change in the world of work assumed that the previous work system is outdated /

in order to make our guests' stay an unforgettable experience, the following services are always included in our / 8 day ski pass / ski/snowboard rental equipment / fresh breakfast buffets / plant based dinners / all drinks and snacks / daily morning and evening yoga classes / shuttle to ski pists / one 60 minutes massage p.p /

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